Michael Jackson Dies

2017 June 26

michael jacksonOn Thurday 25th June 2009, Michael Jackson suffered a severe heart attack, passed into a coma, and died.

Aged only 50, Jackson had been working in music since he was five. In those years, his music, his videos and his unique, if troubled, personality, have helped shape the culture that we live in today.

His music was the cutting edge of entertainment. It transcended the gap in race relations, revolutionizing genres for both white and black audiences. His image defined our modern idea of celebrity. His groundbreaking videos changed the way we consume popular music.

Music, film, choreography, media, sound-production, fashion, artist rights management, environmental awareness, charity… so many areas of our world have been influenced by his presence.

His work had quality, authenticity, artistic and creative excellence. It inspired so many who now take a professional interest in music, myself absolutely included.

And now he is gone. Humanity lost something great today. Goodbye Michael.


By Alexander Walsh

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  1. 2017 June 26
    Murray Abraham permalink

    Did you hear his ghost was seen at the children’s ward of UCLA hospital? He’s been dead five minutes and he’s already putting the willies up the kids.

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