PULP Presents… Janice Graham

2017 January 25
by Paul

Manchester band Janice Graham paid PULP a visit recently for the inaugural PULP Presents… session – where we invite artists into the PULP office to play us a few songs.

Check out the photos here.


Janice Graham were great sports and the event was enjoyed by a group of PULP and friends.  Check out Janice Graham performing Swallow Swords: 

Three more tracks in the following video:

Filmed and edited by Paul Capewell

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  1. 2017 May 22
    xx_black_eyes_black_hearts_xx permalink

    this is the best pulp presents session i have ever seen!!!! next time you should smash the place up!

  2. 2017 May 22
    Mark Hamilton permalink

    Oh man.

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