The Music

2008 December 1
by Paul

They were described by the late Tony Wilson as “the most exciting band on the planet”, and in all fairness, their third, self-titled, album has been drastically under-rated. The lead, Rob Harvey sounds gloriously Britpop over the guitar-induced rave-tastic riffs. More importantly, they sound interesting, which is possibly their most esteemed quality. They’re refreshing after listening to every other Indie band in the world sounding like replicas of one-another.

The Music have a certain similarity to Kasabian, particularly the track Strength in Numbers. Yet they provide an edge that is missing in a lot of bands’ quality at the moment, they’re like the CSS of Indie. Though I doubt Love Foxx has suffered from depression and drug addiction, she seems very bouncy; the kind of lead singer you can really imagine having one of the funniest drinking sessions of your life with.

However, Harvey, due to four years of severe criticism and drug abuse, decided to write about his experiences in this state, and like many a legendary musical genius it became some of his best work. The Music’s third album includes the less than imaginatively named, but great tracks Drugs, (was released Aug 2008) and Spikes (released Oct 2008).

They will be performing in our little town at Manchester University on 8th December 2008, go for a gander.

Dani Middleton

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