WELCOME to PULP magazine

OUT NOW: PULP issue 10: Work/Play – the final issue of 2008/2009


“Have a great summer everyone, this is your editor signing off for the very last time…”


WELCOME to PULP, MMUnion’s “student” magazine. Yes, all our contributors are students, everyone member of the team is a student, our readers (one assumes) are mostly students but


WE ARE NOT one of those weightless, soulless, shiny faced and badly dressed chronicles of tedious student speculation: aren’t noses funny; different people are weird; drugs are good aren’t they, but we shouldn’t do them because they’re bad; gosh don’t students all love binge drinking and casual sex and live in fortresses of their own filth and don’t really study but just go out to their union dressed as famous rapists and drink vodka redbull and rub up against each other…?

PULP Online has been the magazine’s faithful virtual sidekick since October: a platform for additional writing and multimedia experiments – none so successful as our PULP Presents… LIVE sessions. Car games and Friv games for everybody! Bands involved so far include: Janice Graham, Woodpigeon, Hundred Dollar Cigar, The Winter Journey, Metric and most recently Bloodstock comp winners (and PULP favourites) Bisonhammer.

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